Mycloud dlna issue

Hi all,

I have a mycloud and I discovered some issue related to the DLNA.

  1. I cannot see everything I uploaded on the folder through the smart TV, neither the tablet. but using the WD cloud app or explorer I can see the file there.

  2. Using the WD photo app, I see a folder empty but I al list by folder I see the picture

  3. when sometimes the DLNA database makes some new search it not find everything and I need manually to ask for a new search

there is maybe a problem related to the lenght of the name, some characters or the proof of the folder path?



I had the same issue my first day with the box and it freaked me out.  I did some reading and then found that you have to go to the dashboard and click settings then select media from the left, then click the rescan button.

The machine seems to do this on its own as the next day, the files that were missing showed up for me. If you can’t wait to see your new media, the rescan does the trick.  If I recall, above the rescan button it lists the numbe of songs, pictures and videos so if you see the number change after the rescan, that is the solution.

Thx for your answer

I did it already, but still a lot of video is not appearing.