WDmycloud DL2100 Cant see files through DLNA network

Hi WD Community
I’m in need of some help please.
I have a WD DL2100 2TB running on my 200mg internet.
After many days of trying all the scans, rebooting,re-scans,rebuilds through the MEDIA settings
I just cant get it to recognize files that I have put on, I can see that they are there through my WD Access app, but when I go through my tv DLNA they don’t appear???
Iv done all the checks to make sure the drives are ok and all come up ok
Any help and advice on this would be greatly appreciate
Thank you

I also have a DL2100.

`. Are you referring to the complete user manual? If not, you need to. It may be in some folder of the DL2199 or you should download it from WD Support.

First, turn on your TV so it gets recognized on network and by the NAS… In dashboard Settings/Media,do you have turned ON, Media Streaming under heading “DLNA Media Server”? If so, good, Otherwise,turn it ON.

Also, next to Media Streaming ON, you will see this “View Media Players >>” Click on it to see all your active Media Players, such as computers, and hopefully your TV. It could take a while to see it all was not turned on above.

If it never shows up the issue is with the TV; it is not broadcasting itself… If you do see it, then you should be able to access the DL2100 from the TV.

Let me know how it all goes for you.

Hi mike
Thanks for the reply.
Ill have a look for the mnaual.
To answer all your questions the answer is Yes Iv done all of these and the Tv doesn’t seem to be the trouble as I can see all previous files in the folders off my wdcloud drive.
Its all new files that have been put in this folder that are not showing up.
So as a process of elimination what I have done is make a new folder share from WD Dashboard and put the same files into it as the ones that are not being recognized and they are fine they all work!
This is very strange, why recognized one folder and not another both on the same drive and all the same files its took lots of hours and persistence to get this far and very annoying.
Thank you again for your time to reply to this I’m very grateful

I recall you said you re-scanned the media database, but did you rebuild it by using the Rebuild button? At this point, that may be what;s needed to be done.

Hi mike
Yes I have used the rebuild, but it does it far too quick in my opinion only a matter of minuets compared to the size of the drive and the amount of stuff I have on there? What I have done is made another share folder and put the stuff on there and it comes up with no problem I just don’t understand what the problem is it must be something to do with the public folder maybe, but now I have got a new share folder which is working ok. Very strange indeed???

I’ve not got the DL2100. It’s the DL4100. Interestingly, every time I have to restart the NAS, I get this logged.


The media scan stops quite quickly after start-up. It’s not causing me any issues apart from knowing that thumbnails in WD apps may not be present or incorrect.

The base firmware of the DL2100 is more-or-less the same as the DL4100. I wonder if what I’m seeing is related to your issue.

I have never seen this msg from my DL2100, but then I hardly ever restart my NAS.

Could be I’ve got a corrupted media file. Restart was because there was a gas leak on the street and there was a threat of the power going on and off. Shut-off NAS to be on the safe side. For me it’s no big deal, but when have time I’ll try see from logs what’s causing the failure.