Files.mycloud login down?

Does anyone else having blank page problem? I try to connect My Cloud via regular link but I see nothing but blank page. With different browser, same. Any suggestions? Thx

Yup, same where. Couldt’t happen in a worse moment: our office is closed due to covid outbreak and we need to access remotely the company NAS

perfect. yesterday I renamed a folder now it is gone. today since morning I can not login. What else? Still no connection. I reset everything modem internet connection laptop, 3 different browsers and still can not reach. Perfect…

Same results here for the past hour after attempts with multiple browsers

Nothing to add other than I am down as well, just getting the blank screen. I did manage to get the login page to show for a moment, but was kicked out once when trying to login and the second attempt I got a 504 Gateway Time-out error.

Attempts to login were tried via Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Firefox Developer Edition.

As of 17:18 CET I manage to open login page however after my credentials I can not reach my cloud. same error mentioned above: 504 Gateway Time-out

Spoke to tech support and they are aware of the server issue. They did not give me an ETA on when it would be fixed.


could you please give me advice how I can contact with tech support. I renamed a folder. Now the folder is gone. I need to know how I can get it back?

WD’s customer support number is 1 (800) 275-4932 for the USA.
International numbers can be found at the following link.

Same problem here. If I can get to the login screen it just goes to a blank screen after I enter in my credentials.

I just got off the phone and they quoted me 2-3 business days.
I did manage to get one of my users in remotely, but it took like two and a half hours of constant refreshing. However, no other users have been able to get past the gateway issue.

I have the same problem. Also visible in MyCloud -> Access to the Cloud tab, I have: Connection status: unsuccessful. :frowning:
This is global problem. 2-3 business days??? Great !

If possible try using the My Cloud mobile app for Android/iOS. That should allow one to access their My Cloud remotely even though the web portal is down/not working properly.

It works only if you are in the same network as a server, but remotely it also doesn’t works.

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Am able to use the Android app on my cell phone using cellular data to access my first gen My Cloud. Could be because I have the My Cloud remote access manually configured (with router port forwarding).

My Cloud Dashboard:

My Cloud App on Android cell phone with no wifi connection, using cellular data:

Right, if (I suppose) you have static IP address.
In this case you do not require MyCloud services which are down actually.

It is down PC and Android. I just saw that WD techs are working on it, " Disruption".

At this point (03/09/2020-21:53:00 e.s.t.) its been down for more then a day. this ■■■■■
I should have picked the other guy “Synology”

Look at this:
And time is going on…

I’m now getting this,