Files.mycloud login down?

I’m also getting that error now. Also, the phone app is no longer working. The issue was only with the website login. Western Digital posted that they fixed the issue, but now there is several new issues and it is even worse. This has been going on for days and needs to be fixed. This status page has just been showing that everything is fine, but they told me on the phone and have posted here that there was issues. I would not of bought this device if I knew the service was so unreliable.

Yeah, I have got the same error. I remember there is a desktop app named “wd mycloud”, but I couldn’t find the download page anymore…

I cant login to my cloud since yesterday.

I have been using WD Mycloud for over 2 years now and i guess on the whole it’s not been too bad (Down several times and for hours at a time) After the last outage i purchaced a Lenovo Thinkcentre M92P in fact i now have 5 for different NAS Drives around the country and i remote into them and just carry on working through teamviewer when the cloud service is down, just an idea to keep the work moving and downtime to a minimum.

Yes, same login issue

For a while now, I no longer have access to the device from the desktop WD My Cloud. And cannot remove it either. Feel like I should have local access but I have ran out of idea of how to troubleshoot this, I am using a Macbook Air with MacOS.

@nzhao Are you connecting to the same network? or you remotely login/?

Hi, same network but the dashboard app no longer gives me access to the device

For me, if i connect to the same wifi. i can access it, but if i connect to different wifi and access remotely, i will not able to get it.

I’m having the exact issue described in this thread actually Can't Connect, and am trying to find ways to access the dashboard

Same here. No web access available since more than 24 hrs. Device is up and running, can be accessed from LAN without problems but not via webfrontend. Followed all recommended troubleshooting steps (ceritificate acceptance, check firmware version, 4 sec reboot etc.) but to no avail. WD, this is unacceptable!

It has been a full 48 hours that I have been unable to use the device remotely due to issues on Wertern Digital’s end. I have documented pages and a call where they acknowledged it was issues on their end. They have the status page falsely claiming everthing is up and running fine since September, but a quick look around the forums shows that is not true. It also shows they are aware that they have issues and are just not updating that page to reflect issues with their service… making it seem more steady than it is. I am sure the FTC would be interested in hearing about Western Digital selling these devices on the market right now for several hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars with the knowledge that they are selling devices that are not functioning as advertised.

Thhis needs fixed and there needs to be some communication. Quit acting like some crooks!


I am on the same boat…I just bought my ex2 yesterday… Still cannot connect my device to cloud…:frowning: I spent whole day to fix it and I am so upset

For those of you trying to connect from LAN, do not connect with the hostname (e. g. mylovelywddevice.local) but with the ip instead (if in doubt, figure out the ip in your routers dashboard). This should give you access to the admin frontend of your device.

CEO of Western Digital retired on March 9th… the My Cloud issues start on March 9th. Due to their lack of disclosure on why the service is down, I was thinking maybe they were hacked. Now that I see the CEO retired the same day the issues started… makes me wonder if him leaving or the new CEO has something to do with the entire service becoming unusable.

Has WD put out anything saying when this will be fixed?

You can call them and ask. They will tell you they don’t know exactly what is going on. They don’t know the cause or anything. Thus, no idea when it will be fixed.

But that they are working on it.

my latest reply received 30 mins ago:

Thank you for reporting the issue with
We are aware and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
We apologize for any inconvenience this interruption may have caused.


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Still waiting for connectivity. This is really poor timing for my small office, as we started working from home on account of the Corona Virus. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible.


Really ■■■■! It is not cloud just a drive.

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Hi same problem as all of the above. Just wanted to add my disappointment to this thread.
Whatever WD have done to create this problem for everyone… can’t they just go back to the way it was and get the thing working again. I need to action remote working for me and my team as soon as possible. Bad Timing WD. Really bad.