Extremely low speed on transfer from/to

WD EX4 system latest firmware, 4X4tb red disks (16tb all mapped as drives on windows) and static IP
windows 10 64b /16g RAM
network device 1gb
cables cat6
Router (Speedport W 724V) to Hub (Netgear) 1gb (green led)
Hub to devices 1gb (all green leds)
when cut/copy from any device to WD EX4 the speed action always act with less than 9,5mb/sec
when cut/copy from WD EX4 to any device the speed action usually stops (0/sec) and after a minute it returns the known error “An unexpected network error occurred…”
I am trying to fix that more than 3 months.
Looking around didn’t manage to get a complete and serious solution.

Trying also to install WDMyCloud_win.exe it always answer “The WD My Cloud desktop app failed to install…”

Could you please help?

Hi, if you have a cable from your computer to the router, then I would suggest to reset the drive by pressing the reset button in the back of the drive. You could also set the drive in DHCP and connect it directly to the computer this will rule out any bottleneck in your network.

Hi Iluna,
thank’s for your post.
I have already done all these with no luck…
It’s very weird while trying from imac to the same network it works much better but with high inconsistency in the network quality. At least cut/copy action doesn’t fall down.
I am so sure it must be something with windows 10 but I didn’t manage to discover anything similar yet.

It would be great for many users if WD could answer to all these problems…

Thank’s a lot

HI all,
For anyone has the same problem. A “System Restore Only” between all the others returns also the factory settings for network. After that it works.
I didn’t understand what exactly changed but at least it works