Extracting all data from MyBookLive

Neither my Windows 10 PC or my Mac give me access to the data stored on MyBookLive, only the dashboard. Now it isn’t supported by WD there are no apps that work with curremt operating systems. I clearly need to upgrade to new cloud storage so can someone please explain to me how to access the files on my drive and transfer them to new storage?
Thank you in anticipation!

it seems i am in the same boat …lol as for buying another WD hd no way as in a couple of years the one you just bought will be exactly the same , for all i use it for i will just buy a 4 tb hard via a usb cable

MBL uses SMB it is no longer included in a Windows 10 install by DEFAULT. You need to manually install SMB then the drive will show in your network and you can access the files on it.

HERE is how to setup SMB

This issue has been resolved. I had a very helpful support email from WD. Basically they explained about mapping the network drive of the MyBookLive to me computer. Once I had done this I could access all the files and copy them elsewhere.
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Thank you for this. I had an email from WD support explaining how to do this as well. It worked and has given me access to the files on the MyBookLive.
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John Hulett

I’m having the same issues and would love to see what they replied to you so that I could do the same with my currently useable Mybooklive. Thanks for your help in advance

The community platform won’t allow me to post the reply for some reason. Please email me direct john.hulett@icloud.com

Hi Sue,

Here is the email from WD support. Mapping the network drive in the way described certainly worked for me on my Mac and I guess it would using the Windows 10 instructions as well. One thing to note is that it didn’t’t work naming the drive (MyBookLive) when mapping. It only worked when I put the IP address.
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Hi John

The email from WD support doesn’t seem to be attached to your email unfortunately. WD support have now got in touch with me so hopefully they will be able to help me.


John, I think you meant this to go to Sue’s email. I can’t forward to her as I don’t have her address.

Geoff Whiteley

As of yesterday i could access my book live but now it doesn’t even show in my network