EX4 No Configured Volumes

First off this is my second EX4, they replaced my first one 3 years ago shortly after receiving it. Here I am stuck because after trying to move multiple files from one shared folder to another I lost everything or it seems that way.

On my EX4 I have Drive failed in bay 1,3. On my dashboard it shows that I do not have a RAID setup and under disk status drive 1 and 3 show NA.

I called tech support and they gave me the usual walk through, take the drives out but the drives back, check status and proceed to tell me that I’m out of warranty and they could recommend companies that would be able to further assist.

I understand that drives don’t last forever, however this isn’t how it is should happen. Two drives fail at the exact same time without any warning and you’re basically SOL.

I have 4 WD 4TB black drives set up in a RAID 5 using about 10TB of my available 12TB.

I have most of our family photos and movies on this drive for SAFE keeping, whoops!

I will most certainly not be recommending a WD product to family and friends. You would think that on something that costs $1,600 they would be a little more helpful.

I’m guessing they don’t offer warranty extensions because they know their products don’t last long.

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Hello pecck1,

I was able to locate your account on our system and as checked your case is already being handled by level 2 agent. I appreciate your cooperation with us.

Hi, I have a similar problem, did you get a reply?

Hello Logan.h,
i have a similar problem. Do you know if this case has been resolved?
BR Kalle