EX4100 - RAID 5 - Failed Drive now Failed Volume?

Hi all,

My EX4100 is configured to RAID 5, with Drives 1 & 2 are 4Tb and Drives 3 & 4 are 3 Tb.
All are Western Digital RED Drives as well.

All has been working fine until recently when Drive 3 Failed and whilst I ordered a replacement, I’ve notice that the Volume has completely gone?

All Hard Drives are showing ‘Healthy’ but ‘Undefined’

It appears that according to the main home page, all files are there somewhere, but how do I install Drive 3 new hard drive and keep all my files?

Quite worried as we have a lot of photo’s etc from Family and when the kids were young that I can’t lose.

I’ve uploaded images of Screenshots and SMART Data from each drive if it helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Really? I thought RAID 5 was supposed to be the better option for reliability and performance.

The reason was if a drive did fail, i wouldn’t lose any data and could replace the failed drive easily.

However it’s completely lost everything and I’m not even sure why the Volume Failed, but I’m not happy at all with WD, I bought WD for reliability, but that’s blown out of the window with that!

New HD’s and it fails big time.

So you wouldn’t recommend any RAID configuration?