Drive Failures


This is all very new to me so hopefully this isnt a real stupid question but we recently purchased a 20TB EX4 for our business after maxing out an 8TB WD Sentinal. I was able to transfer the data from our sentinal over to the EX4 so that we had all of our information on one drive and it ran well right away. After about a week, one (or possibly multiple) drives would fail and it would do this at least once a week. When they did this all I had to do was reboot the drive and it would rebuild and then run fine for about another week.

Since it wasnt real old we decided to order another one, transfer the data to it and send the “defective” EX4 back for a refund. Now, after about a week of using the new EX4 it is doing the same thing.

Is this common? I have tried searching and havnt found very much informiaton about other people having drive failures this often. If all I have to do is reboot it and it works fine thats not an issue but it concerns me that it fails this often. Our Sentinal never once failed in the 3 years we used it.

Any input would be great. Thanks!

Hi Ihrke015, welcome to the WD Community. Can you share a little bit more information about your setup? Do you have the My Cloud EX4 power cable connected directly to a wall socket or to a surge protector? Is the EX4 being used when the RAID becomes corrupted? 

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It is plugged into a surge protector along with the old WD Sentinel and a smaller external drive. It is most likely being accessed when the drive failure happens but it is somehwat difficult to know. I access files on the EX4 frequently throughout each day and once a week the files will simply have a hard time saving or the folders will be empty. When I see this all I need to do is restart the EX4 and it will rebuild (in which I can access the files but everything runs much slower).

After it rebuilds the disk status’ are all “good” and overall the device is seen as “healthy” but it seems like this could be potentially more detrimental if I keep lettering it fail.

We also have well over half of the storage available on it (11.8TB free) so hopefully it can handle the storage it was built for.

Thanks for the response!

Just had another drive failure earlier today. This time I wasnt at my computer however I think a coworker was trying to access a word file that was on it just to print the file. Again a reboot got it up and running without issues. The rebuilding time this time was much quicker than normal as well.

Figured I would post an update. The drive(s) actually failed twice yesterday. Once at 10:22am and then again at 4:30pm. The first time I believe a collegue was trying to access it to print a simple word document and the second time I was accessing it after being away from it for a while. It seems as though it is happening possibly when it goes from “standby” to “active” since it is always when it has been idle for a while. Would this make sense? Would I be putting the drives through too much by disabling sleep mode?