Bad drives - help please

Start with the basics - I’m not an IT expert and I have an EX4 with 2.11.140 firmware and I’m running 2 WD Red 6TB in RAID 1 configuration.

Noticed the lights on both the drive bays have changed to purple and checking the disk status it’s saying both are bad. I can still however access the data via my network and having run a quick disk test it didn’t come back with any issues. The only warning on the system is a critical network link 1 - error code 1002.

I tried uploading diagnostic to WD support however it won’t recognise the serial number (even though it’s defaulted) so I’m pretty stuck.

Any advice on what I should be doing other than transferring critical data onto another hard drive? I’d ideally not like to lose anything but I’m limited by available space


Bad drives should be replaced. I’d recommend double-checking the Serial Number of suspect units and requesting an RMA on WD’s Support site.

Thanks. I got them from Amazon and they’re still within 12 months (a worry in itself) so am already in the process of replacing them.

Maybe a stupid question but if I put the 2 new drives in slots 3 and 4, given the data is accessible, is it possible to rebuild them from the bad drives or is that just going to corrupt them? I’m really confused about how I can have bad drives registered on the system but no real impact on accessibility of the data via the network.