Drive Failure


I’ve just purchased the EX4 (0 included drives) and have subsequently set it up with 4x WD Red 3Tb HDDs.  It has been setup in RAID 1 configuration and has been running for just over 1 day. 

This evening, I note that there has been a fault on the 4th drive.  What now?  Do I need to replace this drive?  Can I scan and reformat it alone, rebuild and see if is stable after this?

Edit:  The System Diagnostics Quick Disk Test came back with a pass for all drives, but this one remains flicerking red and blue.

Edit 2:  After the system was rebooted, it has said that the drive is healthy and no issues are noticed.  

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Run drive diagnostics on each of the disks.  Access through the GUI, under “Utilities/Scan Disk”