MyCloudEX2 Drive 1 LED RED

The Drive 1 LED on my EX2 is showing constant Red. When I look at the diagnostics it shows a Drive Status Fault and the RAID status is Degraded. I assumed the drive was bad and replaced it with a new drive but I still get the red LED. When I run the System Diagnostics > Disk Test > Quick Test it shows both drives as “Quick disk test completed successfully”. A System Test results in all checks except for a red “!” for Drive 1. I removed power from the unit and let it rest for an hour but when I powered it up the Drive 1 LED turned red after a few minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I suggest you click on the hamburger icon at the top right next to your icon and click on Network Attached Storage and post your topic in the sub-forum for your device. See example image below.



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