Power LED is a solid red light, not flashing

I have a MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS with two WD 8TB drives. I purchased it with the two 8TB drives installed. I have had it since 2016. I noticed recently that the Power LED light is solid red. It is not flashing. The manual only describes a flashing red power LED as ‘Device is powered up but the volume is degraded’. The drives are RAID1. Both drives LEDs are solid blue. There is currently 36GB available on the RAID1 8TB configuration. The MyCloud Dashboard has no alerts and both drives have a healthy status. The overall diagnostics is healthy. The firmware is 5.10.122. Any ideas why the power LED is solid red? Thanks!

@Hillstones the following KBA has more details but it sounds like your system has reached 95% filled.

Solid and Blinking Red Power and Drive LED Status on a My Cloud

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Awesome! Thank you! As I was writing it out, I wondered if it was an indicator of reaching a full drive capacity, but nothing in the manual explained that. Your KBA link answered my question. I wish that information was in the manual. So thank you again for providing that because my Google searches did not find any results.

I have the same problem.
Whats strange is that: i have acceses to all my data stored on my MyCloud EX2 Ultra NAS. Every app works just fine.
Plex Media server is working just fine.
I have two 6TB WD RED HDDs installed in NAS. RAID1.
Everything else is the same as OP described but i have 6 more TB available.
I have no idea what does it mean and i am worried if I need think about replacement of my NAS.

Check the KBA and then login to the dashboard and clear the Alert

It sounds like your issue is the same as mine. You have a 6TB NAS, and I assume you have 6 more GB (not TB) available of free space. So yours is likely over 95% capacity like mine, meaning you only have about 42GB of free space available. You don’t need to replace your NAS. If you want the red light to return to blue, free up more space on your NAS so it is not over 95% capacity.

Ooohhh, now i get it.
I thought that since i created a RAID it unified hard disk space and i don’t need to worrie about it anymore. But i need to to use the second HDD separatly by creating sahred folders on Volume 2.
Thank you!

I thought we get a Message on the display that says 95% storage used as well as the red light ?
but all my Units say New firmware available now - which may cover up the 95 % message.

My EX Ultra 2 only has LED lights on the front panel. One power, and two drive LEDs. I don’t have a display. None of my alerts were for exceeding 95% capacity. I had alerts for a recent power outage and nothing else. I also had the firmware update and went from version 2.41 to 5.10.122, because I never had any prior alerts for version 3, 4, or 5, and mine was set to check for updates. Only when I clicked on the status in settings it said, oh, you have new firmware to install. But the red light remained because I only have 36GB available. At least I know my NAS and drives are healthy and the red light just means the drives are near capacity. Now if I only had the money to swap out the two 8TB drives for two 14TB drives.

I get a solid red light every time my remote backup fails. Red light stays on until I reboot. Not capacity related.

The major headache is that my remote backup keeps failing. Ready to throw the EX2 into the nearest ocean. Biggest holdback is that I’m nowhere near an ocean.

Had a similar issue with my NAS a while back. It’s puzzling when everything seems fine, but you still get that red light of doom. In my case, it turned out to be a minor glitch with the firmware. A simple reboot did the trick. Sometimes, these devices just need a quick reset to clear any minor errors causing false alarms.

If a reboot doesn’t help, it could be something less obvious. I remember once a red light turned out to be due to a nearly full storage space. Your 36GB left seems okay, but maybe try clearing some space as a precaution? For more detailed troubleshooting, especially with LED indicators, I found online resources quite helpful. You can read more info on interpreting LED signals, not just for lights but for tech stuff too. Might be worth a look to get to the bottom of your NAS light mystery.