Red light on one drive EX4100

A red light was shown on one of my 4Tb drives. I have the system setup in raid 5. I have replaced it with one new WD Red 4Tb drive but I am still getting the red light? Could any of you nice people help me out please.

Hi Mike_Irish,

This might be issue with the RAID setup. You should check the RAID status from the dashboard of My Cloud EX4100. If the RAID degrade, need to manually rebuild the RAID to get it fix. You can have a look on this article for more details about it:

Hi and thank you for responding to my request for assistance. I have replaced the bad drive no:4 bay and have tried followed the directions you supplied. Unfortunately I don’t get the option for (manual rebuild) even do the Auto rebuild is off!! When I look at the disk static it says that all the drives are healthy?
I also got a worming the the ambient temperature is low but the temp here is 20c. I do believe that the unit has gone faulty and needs to be returned for repair or replacing.
Mike Skerritt