EX4 is locked up... AGAIN

About the 3rd time the box has become inaccessible. While pinging succeeds, there is no ability to access the web interface, ftp or ssh. FTP at least is saying the maximum number of connections (10) has been reached.

The front panel is showing two red drive lights AND the LCD panel is telling me drive fail on bay 1 and also to check the dashboard. But, but, but, the dashboard is inaccessible.

I attempted to do a shutdown with the power button, but no, it’s having none of that. I hate pulling the power plug (particularly if I’m having some disk problem).

After power cycling, the red lights are gone but I’m still waiting for the EX4 to become operational again. I guess it’s still checking itself internally.

WD seems to really have stepped in it with this latest firmware update. I never had a single problem before that happened.

Sounds like the RAID scan and auto-rebuild is active. If the unit signalises a drive failure, then you should be careful. Don’t stress the device, its RAID is in degraded mode. Contact the support fi you are inside the warranty to get the drive exchanged. And remember, another broken drive in RAID 5 would be the worst possible scenario. Be careful!

The firmware update is not related to drive health.

While an actual drive failure is possible, the general bugginess of the latest firmware leads me to suspect that instead. A crashed OS that happened to set an LED driver to ‘high’ is probably a better bet given the other things that are locked up. At least I hope so.

just set my unit up!! allowed the update of firmware and my system is constantly offline now!
pulled the power once and got it back for short time but gone off again!

Still having problems. Disk 1 still has a red light. I just placed a support ticket in their system for an RMA. Groan.

RMA return received and all is well again. Thankfully, back to the old (charcoal) interface and software version. Lesson learned, I will NOT be updating the firmware again.