EX2100 OS5 Cloud View Not Refreshing


Recently upgraded my EX2100 from OS3 to OS5 and now am experiencing a strange fault.

Basically if I copy files into a directory over Windows mapped network drive, those files will not appear in the directory if you view it from cloud access (either mobile app or website) until the drive is rebooted.

The drive has finished indexing and generating previews and is showing no errors.

Previously on OS3 files would show immediately after copying over - a feature I rely upon to share files with family, now in OS5 this seems not to be happening, I copied over a folder containing multiple files last night and its still not appearing in cloud view.

Any ideas?

Just done some testing,

24hrs later and new files not showing up

Rebooted drive

Drive goes back into indexing

after a few mins new files show up.

Seemingly indexing is only detecting new files after reboots or service is crashing.

Also worth noting that after a reboot the admin account is logged out of cloud service.

Completely reset drive (full reset) and applied yesterdays firmware update and same behavior - my advice to anyone thinking of updating to OS5 - DONT!

@Katash you’re posting in the My Cloud OS 3 Community, not the My Cloud OS 5 Community.
Is your device Indexing or Generating Previews?
If not, collect the system logs at the time newly added content doesn’t appear in the client apps and send them to support.