EX4100 after firmware update isn't indexing new files


I found recently, that between May 20 and 27 my EX4100 is stopped to index new files. As result, Android app doesn’t see this files, but I could see it in Windows explorer. Also about this time my Plex application also stop to found new video files automatically (but I could manually re-scan filesystem, and it solved issue until new video file.

I guess it’d be related to recently automatically installed new update of firmware 5.13.115. Or maybe I missed something and search by default is disabled?



Please refer to the following KBA article: WD Cloud OS 5: User Share Cloud Access and Indexing

Problem is disappeared after migration to latest EX firmware (5.14.105).

I am at code level - 5.18.117
I recently added 2 more drives to my device to have 4 6TB drives and am now not seeing new files on the mobile app, but can see them using file explorer connected to the network.

I am not sure if this started with the move to OS 5, or with the disk expansion. I have verified that all the shares have Mobile and Share access set on.

Even after additional firmware updates, I still seem to have the same issue. I add pictures from my ipad/iphone to my public share and others cannot see them until after I initiate a power cycle and the full index process runs again.