Error creating Safepoint

Hi Everyone,

I have a My Cloud 4tb drive and I am trying to create a Safepoint on a WD 4tb NAS in order to mirror it and to backup my cloud.

When following the Safepoint creation at the end when I hit Finish it gives me an error: ‘Failed request received during this safepoint operation (402002)’

My NAS is connected in a LAN port on my Wireless Router and so is the My Cloud.  Both of them are running with the latest Firmware and using my laptop over the network I can see both devices and go inside them.

Any idea what it could be?

Thanks for the help!

Look here - maybe your NAS drive is not supported.


My NAS is in the supported list: WD40000A4NC configured in Raid 5.

Anyone has an idea to help out?