Safepoint issues

I have an issue and a question regarding the Safepoint feature of My Cloud and I’d appreciate it if anyone could assist me in this regard.

The issue

I’m trying to configure a Safepoint on a NAS which is on the same segment of the LAN and to which My Cloud has access in the sense that I’ve copied files from the NAS to My Cloud already. Yet, when I press Finish on the screen ‘Create a Safepoint’ I receive the following error message:

‘Failed request received during this safepoint operation (402002)’

My settings are to create the (first) Safepoint ‘Later’.

Any idea about what this is? Could it be related to:

  1. not enough space on the destination drive at the time of the configuration?

  2. a time-out due to long delay in case the device is busy with other tasks?

The question

What is the size of the backup created on the Safepoint? Is it the same as the total size of files on My Cloud, is the device using some kind of compression or it is a direct file copy?

What type of NAS is the destination drive?

You could try using a different drive to check if there are some incompatibilities with this drive and the
Safepoint feature.

The Safepoint will create an exact copy of the My Cloud files, shares, users and settings.

The destination drive is a WD My Book World Edition (I), 2TB. I’m afraid that I do not have something else as big as that at this stage.

What exactly is the meaning of exact copy? does this mean that this other drive:

  1. will be commited only to be the backup drive for My Cloud? in other words there will not be space and/or no access for other uses?

  2. will not be accessible at share/file level? - in other words the backup will be a single block of data?

  3. would be treated the same whether it is a NAS on the network or a USB drive plugged in My Cloud?

That particular drive is not supported for Safepoint due to the version of Samba it has.

Check the following article:

Error: ‘36102 -Your safepoint could not be created due to a failed request…’ occurs when using a My Book Live (S/W 2.0+) to create a safepoint on a My Book World (Blue Rings)

The data will be accessible once the Safepoint is done.

It will be the same type of backup in a NAS or USB drive attached.

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I’'m not happy I cannot use my old disk, indeed.

However, thanks a lot for clarifying this, it will definitely save me plenty of time of trying to find out …

be well