Email share links from Public volume?

I have a 2nd generation single bay MyCloud running firmware 2.30.196.

I want to share a file link to someone who is not a user.

In the web interface ( It seem that I am prevented from creating links to files/folders in the Public volume - the only options given are “Copy” or “Download”. I am able to create links to things in user volumes.

Is this deliberate? Is there a way around it? The file in question needs to be available to all the regular users too, and it is quite large. Duplicating it to some user volume just to share it externally is something I’d prefer not to have to do.


@GEORGE_NEUNER What are you seeing after you sign in, choose the Public folder and right click on the file/folder you want to share. Using the drop down menu from Send a link is this what you see?


In the Public folder there is NO option given to Share. When I right-click a file or folder I get this:

In the personal folders of any of the users [ I am the admin, I can go anywhere ] when I right click I get this:

It’s as if I have limited rights in the Public folder, but I am the Admin - I have READ/WRITE access to every folder.

So I have no idea what is going on. George

Oh snap! I replied by email and the format got messed up.
Ok, I realized I can edit it.
fixed now so it makes sense.