Share set as Public with email link from iOS app

I really need help here. I created a share and set to public, and added subfolders and pictures. I send the link via the iOS app, to other users (users not configured in the mycloud app). When they click on the link they get an error that they are not authorized.

Q1: If a share is set to public, do you still need to configure users explicitly?

Q2: If a share is set to public, is it full access or just read-only. If full access, how can this be changed to read-only?


When sending a file, picture or video to a friend or family member you should check your security settings and make sure the port is open. See image below.

For you’re second question see this post I made yesterday in another discussion. For more info open the Dashboard and click on the Help (?) icon.

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Thanks for the information. When I was on the phone with WD 1st level support we indeed confirmed that 80 and 443 were open. With respect to the second question I’m aware that you can selectively set permissions per user if the share is not public, but when set to public all permission options are greyed out. So I guess back to the original ask is that do I need to explicitly invite users via WD cloud access mechanism to allow them to see public shares?



anyone who needs access to the drive need user setup. Public shares are visible to any user (hence public) other private shares they need access permission if you want them to access it.

if you are sending a link, there is nothing to do as they either receive a link to the file/photo or if it is a folder a zipped file. they dont have to exist or setup on your drive.

been a while since I used this.

Additional detail - when I send a file link (i.e. picture) that the iOS app generates, it works. When I send a a folder link (to a sub-folder under the publick folder), I get the error ‘user not authorized’. 

OK, I cannot reproduce this. I can email any folder (in public/)  or private without any issues. It just zips the folder and email it.

I am using an ipad. Here what I do to be sure:

go into a subfolder in Public (or private)

select the folder then email it.

(Iphone app is buggy, it does not do anything on my Iphone).

Are you wanting to create users or find out how to allow a friend or family member to see a file/folder, image or video by an email link?

To send anyone a link by using the My Cloud app when you choose that it should look similar to the image below.

In my prior post I showed you what solved the email problem for me.

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