File sharing to non-account users

I have lots of photos I want to share with friends/family who don’t have an account on MyCloud server. I use the WD MyCloud app on my Mac and right-click to chose email. That send a link to the recipients. However they cannot access the folder remotely. I have to use my OneDrive account and upload photos for sharing - I want to use the MyCloud.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you enabled Remote Access on the My Cloud through the My Cloud Dashboard and verified its working properly?

If you mean Cloud Access in the Dashboard, that’s not what I am asking about. I want to be able to share files/folders to non-mycloud account users.

You stated you want them to access the file remotely. They cannot do so unless you enable Remote Access.

Enable Remote Access via: Dashboard > Settings > Cloud Access > Remote Access = On.

Then have them try the email file link.

There is no Settings>Cloud Access and on the dashboard clicking Cloud Access yes not have a Remove Access setting. I’m running the latest firmware.

I made a typo in my prior post as I was doing it from memory yesterday. The correct path is (on v4.x firmware) is: Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access > Remote Access = On

Oh that setting is/had been ON since I got it.

Does the Connection Status indicate “Connected (relay connection established)” as the screen capture above indicates?

Also, make sure you have your My Cloud’s firmware updated to the latest version.

Yes and yes. The only way a sharing occurs is if I login to for my account and then share that link. But nothing from the PC/Mac app.

What or which PC/Mac “app” are you using? The WD My Cloud Desktop program?

What happens if you copy the file link via the app and paste it into a web browser?

Using the latest WD My Cloud app for Mac - running El Capitan. If I do a Copy Link and paste it in a browser it will download a zipped copy. If I chose to email it direct or via paste into email it fails.

Is it possible that pasting into email or emailing the link is breaking the link? In other words because of the length of the link or the format of the link, it gets broken by the email client?

I don’t have problems emailing links using Microsoft Outlook as the email client. And the email format is HTML.

The link works when pasted into the browser but whether I choose Email or Copy Link in the desktop app, that won’t work. HTML as well within Mac mail