Drive Status:Fault but still operating normally

When I login to my WdMyCloud Diagnostics it shows drive status in fault with a red exclamation point but I can up/download data without a problem. Should I be concerned?

In the Dashboard have you run a full test? See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Hello, any update on this? I have the same issue. I already ran the full test but still have the “fault” status. help please. thank you.


please update me ASAP

same issue here, plz update

Update what?

One can do what has been previously suggested and perform a system diagnostics test on their My Cloud device. But in the end there are certain errors that cannot be fixed. Hard drives can and do fail. Some will last for many years before failing. Drives can slowly fail over time while continuing to be accessible.

One can use SSH to access their My Cloud device and run the following command that will return some S.M.A.R.T. drive data that might tell a user what is wrong with the hard drive.

smartctl -H /dev/sda

If the hard drive is failing one can replace the hard drive on a single bay/single drive My Cloud using one of the various unbrick methods previously discussed in numerations past discussions/posts. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for “unbrick”.

I just got the same problem? Fault on one of the drives…says the RAID set is fine? seems contradictory how can a two drive mirror RAID be okay when the copy/mirror is “bad”… Pretty disappointing, this unit is not that old (I am still running two much older units with no problem that I GoodSync to this system. How do I get a replacement drive without a 5 hours call to WD or CDW or take a shot on Amazon?

What specific My Cloud model do you have and what firmware is it running?
Have you run a system diagnostics test via the My Cloud Dashboard?
Have you accessed the My Cloud using SSH and checked the drive(s) SMART information to see if any issue is indicated?

Hard drives can and do fail even ones not that old. If one has a multi bay My Cloud model one can replace the failing drive with a new one. If using a multi bay My Cloud, see the User Manual for your device on how to replace a hard drive and rebuild the RAID if using RAID. Its possible there isn’t a drive error but a firmware fault that is generating the fault notice.

If using a multi bay My Cloud, see the specific subforum for your device and firmware version. This subforum, OS3 My Cloud, generally deals with the single bay My Cloud.


My Cloud OS 5: Perform a Quick, Full, or System Test

Yes done all that. Since I worked for Xebec corporation in the 1980s and we provide the first PC hard drive controller board (22,000 per month) to IBM for the IBM XT, and worked for Hitachi Data Systems in storage, and also IBM doing flash , tape , and Cloud Object storage.

The ■■■■■ lights are on and the stinky software was utilized as best i could decipher and translate… to no avail.

Ultimately the unit had been up.for 25 days , there was no error reported other than the exclamation and the fault.

So I “three finger saluted” and rebooted it.

Both 0 & 1 are up and “Good”.

Thanks for your help?

Here we are years later and still the same issue. No firmware updates to assure this isn’t a firmware problem and not really the hard drives.

I just now run into this “fault” issue and drive 1 light is on.

After the full test, I’ll remove the drive, put in drive bays and test separately.
I’ll be shocked if in fact this drive actually has a problem. It’s not that old at all.

Well, as luck would have it, after doing a full test and rebooting the NAS, the error is gone and the red LED is now blue.

BUT, usually, errors don’t just happen for nothing, so I ordered 2 more of the same drivers, WD RED NAS Drivers, 2TB each (RAID).

I’ll put those into a dual drive external bay to use as backup.

I had this a year ago… no details of what’s wrong, nothing under Alerts, no email saying an error, but red light and drive status says FAULT. Ran a full test, nothing comes up, reboot and been fine for a year until just now I have it again.

Not sure what’s more annoying… a vague message with no details… or that there’s a fault but it for some reason triggers no alert or email. Power going out triggers an email and alert and that has nothing to do with the unit at all. Annoying.

Running the full test now… though seems stuck.

EDIT - Full test after 30min didn’t go beyond 10%. Ran a quick test and results were OK. Reboot, and now red light gone and drive status says OK. Seems like if this thing hiccups it pops out an error even though there isn’t one.

Yes, you should be concerned about the drive status showing as a fault with a red exclamation point. It indicates that there is an issue with the drive, and it could lead to data loss or further problems if not addressed. While you can still upload and download data currently, it’s always best to take preventative measures and address the issue as soon as possible to avoid any potential problems in the future. You should consider contacting the manufacturer’s technical support team for assistance in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

I had this after about 7 years on my EX2. I did the drive tests and all was well, but I replaced drive 1 anyway (original Red drives are EOL, so had to go with the newer Red Plus, with a different RPM, but that’s another story).

After just a few days, the new drive, drive 1, is getting the exact same fault. So I’m thinking these are not related to the drive. Rebooting has cleared the error. Now I don’t know if I should return the new drive and forget about it, or get another backup solution. Having a HD fault every few days is not going to be reassuring for my NAS.

When I restart the device, it goes away, but then comes back.Quick Test, Full Test, and Scan Disk don’t show any errors.

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I have the same problem from last firmware update.