Diagnostics show Red Caution

When I log in to MYWDCLOUD I see a red Caution in the Diagnostics. When I click on it the box shows System temp Normal, SMART temp 49°C, Drive status FAULT.


In viewing the logs it shows a bunch of SAMBA types with CIFS authentication for user FAILED.

Thanks for the help

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Which WD device do you own? Are you able to provide an image of what you are seeing? Have you looked at this?
My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (wdc.com)

Sounds like an epidemic.

MYCLOUD 4T current firmware is 5.26.119
I looked at the dashboard manual, but didn’t think it has what I wanted to know, maybe I missed it.



What does it look like in Storage / Disk Status ?

There are multiple topics regarding people complaining about random red light issues on different kinds of My Cloud but no explanations from @WDStaff so far

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In a previous post, I uploaded screenshot of the drive status. The only reply was that my fan speed was 0 RPM, but I don’t believe the fan runs all the time, just when hot. So, not sure which of the items in the list was the cause. I wish WD would reply and offer some suggestions.

I don’t see where to find the Storage/Disk Status.

Ah sorry.
Single disk you have.
What have you got in settings?

It’s absolute rubbish - I sent them the RAW data they requested & got no feedback whatsoever. Now the NAS is behaving itself they have closed the case & I’m still non the wiser. I’ll bet 100% that I RMAed a perfectly good Ironwolf Pro HDD to Seagate.

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Have you tried to upgrade to 5.26.300? The image below is from my WDMYCLOUD.


Firmware Update for OS5 - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / My Cloud - WD Community

My Cloud OS 5 Firmware Release Note 5.26.300 - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / Announcements - WD Community

YES, I know about the firmware update, but I wanted to figure out the Red Caution and Fault issue before doing the update.

What are you asking for in Settings? I’ve done a full test that passed.

I was looking for the equivalent of disk status in settings.

There is no disk status in settings with my dashboard. As shown above, the diagnostics shows caution and the details show fault. The unit is functioning the best I can tell because I can access it with my windows explorer and my sync program is keeping files in sync from my c drive to the cloud drive.

Of course there is also the fact that the HDDs run hot unless secondary fans are used on the EX2 Ultra - it’s not a difficult mod but one that should not be needed on a NAS from a reputable brand.

Anthology of my discussion with support (in French sorry):

It’s 1984 again, red alert is the new no alert.

Selon les tests réalisés votre My Cloud n’est pas défaillant.

Simplement, il se peut qu’il y ait un défaut sur le lecteur numéro 1.

=> courtesy translation: « According to the test, your My Cloud is not failing. However, it is possible that there is a defect on drive 1. »

C’est très simple s’il vous plait.

Vous pouvez avoir une alerte ou un voyant rouge sans avoir une panne sur votre My Cloud ni sur les disques et qui peut disparaitre suite à une ou plusieurs réinitialisations du My Cloud.

Dance ce cas, le My Cloud continue à fonctionner correctement même avec ce voyant rouge.

Sinon, si le produit est en panne, vous aurez un voyant rouge et vous perdez l’accès à votre My Cloud.

Actuellement, votre My Cloud est toujours accessible même avec ce voyant rouge. Ainsi, Il n’est pas défaillant et les tests l’ont déjà confirmé.

=> courtesy translation: « It is very easy. You can have a red light without having a defect on your My Cloud neither on your disks et that can disappear after rebooting. In this case, the My Cloud keeps working correctly even with this red light. Otherwise, if the product is failing, you would get a red light and lose access to your My Cloud. CurrentlyC your My Cloud remains accessible despite having this red light. Consequently, it has no defect and the tests have confirmed it. »

So I did a USB backup and update the firmware. Upon a reboot, the RED FAULT has gone away and the dashboard now shows healthy.
Go figure

Your firmware had not updated already?

NO. I won’t do a firmware update until I perform a USB backup. When I got the RED FAULT I wanted to find out if I had a problem first.

I have the same problem:

If it happens again I’ll check to see if the red light on the drive is on.

I also find it interesting that someone had commented they had some kind of credentials failure in the logs. I have one computer that always looses access to the My Cloud after a Windows 10 update. It will have access immediately after the update but will loose access after waking from sleep. I have to manually enter my network credentials to regain access even though the credentials are in the Windows credentials manager. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.