DL4100 can’t load Plex update

I’m running 2.31.204. My Settings > Network > Status shows Internet access, and I can ssh in and ping downloads.wdc.com, so I know I’m online.

Note that when I go to Apps, the App Store heading shows “No available Apps”; interesting. When I select “Install an app manually” I get the “Add An App” dialog. Clicking Accept highlights the button but does nothing else, I can only exit the dialog by clicking Cancel. I even downgraded to 2.31.183, then 2.31.195 and finally back to 2.31.204, restarted, power cycled; all with the same results.

Is there a WD server issue? Do I really need to be online (which I am) to load a Plex app update? Is there another way to load App updates?

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Can anyone else load or reload Plex on the DL4100?

I dont remember but I think I went to configure and it said there was an update. I don’t really use it

Would you be willing to click on the “Install an app manually” option to test this for me? It will pop up the “Add An App” window. If you click “Accept” does it do anything or just stay on that same window? My won’t go beyond that window unless I click Cancel.

If I click on install an app manually it pops open a windows explorer window to select a file

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Dang, something is wrong with my NAS! Are you on a DL4100 running 2.31.204?

Also, where did you get the HDHomeRun DVR app? I need that! :slight_smile:

yes dl4100 and that firmware
I don’t really use this thing
I think perhaps in the windows “player” for HDHomerun there was a storage setting for NAS that did all the heavy lifting?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now I know it’s my problem and not a firmware issue! Time to dig out wireshark and peek at what is going on with my network. I think it is directly related to the “No available Apps.” message.I’m assuming you do NOT get that message.

check your dns and gateway settings
yea, I get a list of app
found the hdhomerun, it is in the setup


Thanks again, you have been a tremendous help! When I figure it out I will post a solution for those who follow…