PR2100 Firmware 2.31.174 cannot install Plex app

hi together. I bought my PR2100 NAS today. And made the Firmware. Up-to-date is installed 2.31.174. My Problem is that I can’t install An APP (PLEX) manual or from the store . If I want to do that comes the disclaimer, and when i confirm nothing happens. I can’t select a bin.-file or select any path. Can anyone help me? Best Greetings Breaker68 and… please excuse my bad english

It is the same problem with PR4100 and Firmware 2.30.183.
I have not seen a fix yet :frowning:



hi Nico, yes it look’s like… :weary:

Hi, i do not know how, but it is solved now… i can instal plex bin file. regards, Salvatore

Dear all

It is working now. Yesterday, after activating DLNA on my NAS and reboot. It was possible to install the plex manually and it shows now also all other apps in the apps Sections…. I think it s a buck in the firmware depending Apps and DLNA….

Thank you for your support, best regards