DL4100 can't load Plex update

I’m running 2.31.204. My Settings > Network > Status shows Internet access, and I can ssh in and ping downloads.wdc.com, so I know I’m online.

Note that when I go to Apps, the App Store heading shows “No available Apps”; interesting. When I select “Install an app manually” I get the “Add An App” dialog. Clicking Accept highlights the button but does nothing else, I can only exit the dialog by clicking Cancel. I even downgraded to 2.31.183, then 2.31.195 and finally back to 2.31.204, restarted, power cycled; all with the same results.

Is there a WD server issue? Do I really need to be online (which I am) to load a Plex app update? Is there another way to load App updates?

See the dedicated DL Series subforum where people more familiar with those devices may be able to assist.


Thanks, I just reposted the question over there (I think).