Disconnection (freezing)

hi everyone

I use my cloud 4t for like 4 years and suddenly it begins to disconnect from the network after 15 to 20 minutes it will not work again unless I unplug the power
it seems to me it freezes because after the disconnection I unplug the ethernet cable, the front led is solid blue instead of solid red and back light is solid yellow instead of no light (activity back led is off)

I have the latest firmware and reset it many times and I did reserved static IP for it from the router
cloud access is off
standby is off

any idea how to fix
any comments may help me

Is this a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud? Firmware for 1st generation is 04.xx.xx, 2nd generation is 02.xx.xx. For the correct User Manual use this link. Look at LEDs.


Has anything changed on your local network recently? Like changing broadband providers, changing network routers (or adding a second one), adding a new network device?

One troubleshooting suggestion, if you haven’t already done so, is to access your local network router and assign/reserve an IP address for the My Cloud.

Other troubleshooting suggestions, try putting a network switch between the My Cloud and the router to see if the problem resolves itself. In certain instances there is a bug between some broadband routers and the My Cloud.

My Cloud is not recognized when connected to AT&T Uverse, Pace, Arris, Ubee or Sonic Gateway Routers

It is the second generation

I saw the leds in the manual it is helpful but
It seems everything works fine in the first 15-20 minutes after that its freezing and should be turned off And on again

I have already reserved ip for it
But you are right I have changed the router to a new one
I used another switch between the router and mycloud as you said but nothing changed