DISASTER .. after updating to OS 5

MyCloud it is not more accessible after updating to OS 5.

Now the LED it is blinking in red color and it is not accessible anymore … Ihave tryed soft reset (4 sec) hard reset (40 sec) and still the LED is blinking red… No access to dashbord… nothing… Before everything was working fine since years !
any solutions ?


Have the same issue after manually loading the firmware update, mycloud visible but the webpage just not loading the dashboard

Mine it is still not accessible after installing OS5… still clinking red led, also after many resets 4-40 seconds… crazy this update ! It was working since many years without issues…

Is your router issuing an IP address to the NAS?

unfortunately the device it is not visible anymore in the network after installing OS5, so it is not even possible to set up an IP address…

You may not be able to see it in file explorer but it still may be getting an IP address. Download Advance IP Scanner (free) and run it to see if it is being issued an IP address.

Hi, I downloaded Advanced IP Scanner, now I can see all the ip addresses. What should I do ?
I don’t think there is the WD device connected… but please help me…

If its getting an IP address, one of the descriptions should say something like:

Western Digital 192.168.x.x

seems there is no one “Western Digital”… what should I do ?

Well, I guess its not getting an IP address!

yes but it is a problem of the WD device. Before installing OS5 everythink was working fine. Everything it is the same, I just followed the instructions to install the OS5 and this happened !

Yes, that would appear to be the case. Maybe someone with more experience than I will chip in. You could try e-mailing WD customer support(?)

so. . .the one thing that is different is the NAS.

Step one: What range of IP addresses is the network using? The NAS is now will only use private ip ranges (like 192.168.xx.xxx, 10.10.xx.xx)

YES it is 192.168.xx.xx

sorry - - - weekend support is on a “when I sober up” basis

So - - - let’s start with the basics. . .

  • Ethernet plugged in from NAS to router? (I am sure it is plugged in. . . but let’s start with the obvious)
  • Try a different ethernet cable.
  • Reboot the NAS (i.e. unplug)
  • Reboot the router. (probably the most important item)
  • How congested is the NAS? Could you be out of IP addresses?

How full was the NAS? A warning like 95% full will blink the light.

What kind of unit is this? The WD MyCloud Gen2 and the WD Mycloud Mirror are kindofmarginal to run OS5.

this is my model and also the manual:

from the manual, I can see that the red color LED blinking can be:

Red Blinking
The following circumstances trigger this state:
• Disk thermal warning threshold
exceeded (under or over temp)
• Ethernet cable not connected

Fault/action required
Red Blinking
The following faults trigger this state:
• Disk SMART failure
• Data volume does not exist
• System volume does not exist
• System thermal shutdown (75 C)

the Ethernet cable seems the easier solution, but I don’t think it was working before and after installing OS5 not anymore. Also from 15th January OS5 will be mandatory, that is why I installed before… but this is the result :frowning: :disappointed:


That’s an interesting word.

First. . .do the troubleshooting to make sure your network isn’t the problem.

Then move from there.

(But you have a MyCloud Gen2: That unit has caused problems for others)

I really tryed everything
reset 4 sec
reser 40 sec
change Ethernet cable
but still I have RED blinking LED… no access at all from enywhere to the device…very desperate because I had a lot of data there…

OK. . . .so this unit sounds like it is hosed.

You need to check the “OS/3 mycloud” part of this forum to look at “Debricking” procedures.
You may find what you need in there to salvage the device.

HOWEVER. . . .if the data is mission critical, I would start considering a data recovery operation.

  1. Open up the device
  2. Remove HDD
  3. Place HDD in a USB HDD enclosure (or install in a PC)
  4. Get a program that can read Linux EXT4 disks. (Windows won’t do this natively)
  5. Attach USB enclosure to PC, and use reader program to get the data.
  6. Recognize that you have learned an important lesson regarding backup to a 5+ year old mechanical HDD.
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