MyCloud v2.xxxx 4tb Brick after last updated to OS5

As in title - my MyCloud 4tb is not working anymore after last auto update. I cannot login via web browser to setup, i cant do anything. Blue light is blinking very fast all the time. 4s reset, 40s reset doesnt help.
Thank You WD for destroy my drive :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :exploding_head:

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Very Fast Blinking LED would indicate disk activity so it’s possible that fsck (file system check) is running. A reboot or reset will only start the process over again.

Blinking White or Blue Power LED on My Cloud

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Blinking Blue Drive LED on My Cloud

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After tens of resets, blue light stop blinking. I succesful loged in on web browser but after about 5min menu hang and didnt respond. After reload browser i’m unable to log in via web browser to MyCloud. MyCloud is not responding, again, but now blue light is solid, not blinking :confused:

the same problem for me. i notice that it work normally where i am using. and after leave it for 10 min nearly i can not reach it and need to restart again.

need any urgent solution please. this is the worst software i have ever seen. WD you should be responsible for this damage occurrence to our devices.

the solution is you need to reinstall the firmware again manually from the dashboard. i did it and it connected cloudily and locally for nearly 2 hours without any problem

Sounds like your device is Indexing and Generating Previews and may be slow to respond during these conditions. Collect the system logs and send to support to verify.

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

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Good solution, but i cant Access my MyCloud from yesterday (i didnt do anything, no restarts, no power off/on). Blue light is blinking very fast from more than 24h :confused:
Edit: after next 2days blue light is still blinking very fast and I Hear drive is working all the time. Device is hot :confused:
One more time thank you WD for destroy my drive with a lot of data :confused: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Anyone from WD customer support cant help ? What should i do with damaged (because of auto upgraded firmware :confused: ) MyCloud?

I’ve problem on updating from fw 2.41.116 to new os5.

I did manual update and whole mycloud got bricked and blue light is blinking endlessly.

Now I’ve managed to get unit in safe mode with fw 1. Which firmware I should try to install on it now. I’ve already tried with official firmware 2.41.116, but no luck and I’m back in unresponsive blue light mode.

Any ideas?

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I have the same problem - last wekeend i did update and from last weekend MyCloud is dead (didnt help any resets etc). Totaly dead, with neverending blinking blue light. I’m curious what WD will do with this situation, because its obviously their fault :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yet another os5 update victim here! The only way I can keep the thing from not locking up every 5 - 8 minutes, is to cut the “Cloud Access” off, which defeats the purpose of the drive for me. I’m feeling like this has something to do with “Indexing”.

Some sort of a REAL response from Support would be great.

Wonder how many of the My Cloud bricked after updating to OS5 are related to the indexing problems that so many seem to be experiencing? Lots complaining about long indexing times.

Wonder if those who can gain access to their My Cloud for a few minutes before it locks up can disable the Remote Access option as a troubleshooting step. If disabling Remote Access kills the indexing process maybe that may enough to release/free up hardware resources to allow one’s My Cloud to start operating again. (just spitballing here)

My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ

Or try disabling other services (Twonky, Plex, iTunes, etc) to see if those services are causing the lock up. Of course this assumes one can even access their My Cloud in the first place. Also, search through the subforums to see if anyone has figured out a way to kill the indexing via SSH, assuming SSH is still active post upgrade to OS5.

I would bet more than a nickel on indexing being the culprit.

For those who need to access the drive remotely: I am a fan of personal VPN software to access your home network from remote locations WITHOUT any contact with WD cloud features

(not to be confused with commercial VPN’s that connect your device to the internet via anonymous server)

If i will take a hard drive from MyCloud and connect it in other device, i will be able to see all files?

I lost faith that WD will solve our problem which was made by their incompetence with firmware update, but i dont want to loose all files which i have on the drive :confused:

Maybe. It may depend on what My Cloud unit you have. If using a multi bay My Cloud model that is using RAID; one may not be able to easily, if at all, read the data in another device. If using a single bay MY Cloud model one can extract the hard drive (typically called “shucking” several Youtube videos can be found) and connect it to their computer using; a USB to SATA adapter, or a USB docking station, or a spare SATA port on their computer.

You will need to either use Linux, or a Linux driver, to view the contents of the hard drive. The hard drive is typically partitioned and formatted for Linux. If using Windows there are a number of third party Linux drivers one can use. Here are two third party examples, there are others.

Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software

Ext2Fsd Project

Or one can use a Linux boot disk/boot USB flash drive to boot their computer into Linux. Ubuntu and others have ISO files one can download and burn to a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to create a boot disk.

I have the same problem.
I was able to reset the unit and gain access again but as another comments, 10 minutes passed and the problem started again even with the cloud access disabled

Did you get the save mode first or you got to the working mode without this… I’m afraid to reinstall 2.4.116 firmware as previously nas went on neverending blue light nice

I didn’t have to go through safe mode, but I didn’t get any results either. I’m going to try again to enable ssh since at least connection refused answers.
To be able to reset, disconnect the power, press the reset button and hold this while connecting the power and for 40 seconds more

@EZEQUIEL_FIORELLO can you please collect your My Cloud system logs and send to support. Would be create if you can collect as close to the 10 minute mark as possible.