Disassembling mycloud home

Hi there,
Is there any way to open mycloud home (single hdd) case?
Thanks in advance.

Hello, und3r,

Well, I would like to inform you that WD® do not recommend you to tear up the drive in a part that will lead to void the warranty of the drive as it is not user serviceable.

Here you go https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/78odjf/shucking_my_pos_wd_my_cloud_home/

POS in that post stands for piece of ■■■■ which this device clearly is.


This item is basically a piece of garbage to me at the moment, given lack of SMB support, where I feel I was totally duped by the marketing material on this product. WD should really draw attention to the fact that this is a major variation from the “My Cloud” brand.

Anyways I’m interested to know if the hard drive inside the 6TB model is a SATA Drive with standard connections, as I’ll just rip it out like I have done with many WD Externals and put it into an actual NAS I have running with a spare slot.


Same, I feel so angry at myself for buying this blindly. I didnt even turn it on, I realised my mistake as soon as I had to create a mycloud account GRRR

I’ve found the reddit post too, but then what?

Is there a way to install a linux server on it to at least, to be able to do something with it?


Do you have any answers after, or solution

I can help you restore your WD Cloud HOME (1 HDD). If you really need, contact me. I have a disk image, with this image this device was started on 1 TB disk.

Also you can put optware on it and then everything you need. ROOT works, adb enables and then install packages. (neater with the mount)

How did you root your box?

You need to remove the disk and replace the values ​​in the part of the files. Root is built-in.

Caution - This invalidates the warranty.

Files as build. prop and same… See 20 partition, this part maunt as system. There /system/bin/adb_access.sh (you find it) - enable_adb() = enable root

If you need, I can write specific files and values.

Be sure to backup disk tables and partition images. I used eassos_eartition_guru_4.9.5.508

  • it is very important ! This program is tested, perfectly restores to the working state.

Sorry for Google translate


Agreed. I too think that marketing material was completely misleading. Western Digital name is tarnished in my opinion. So disappointed with this product.



I’ve shucked the drive so now i have empty enclosure i’d love to use with some more useful linux distro.
any chance you could share some info about optware on this hardware? i’ve obviously wiped the drive and i don’t have the image…


Let’s try to restore your device. I think there are chances. Write me your email or Whatsup. I need a mac address your WDHC .
My images I have, but there is a question about the mac address and the identification number.

Now I have WDHC running on 1TB of Seagate and spinning entware-ng.

Entware-ng is deprecated, use this now:

Can you make a tutorial to install ENTWARE on WD MY CLOUD HOME?
Would ENTWARE allow us to make a NAS?

Yes, Entware gives you almost all the apps you can dream of.
Chuck the disk, mount the system partition on a Linux PC. Make a backup.
Check the /system/bin/adb_access.sh script for the required files to have adb enabled on boot.
Root will then be available.

adb connect xxx
adb shell su

Then install Entware on the hard disk and ensure it gets mounted to /opt on boot.

If I understood correctly,

I leave the hd wdmch box.
I plug it on a linux computer.

I mount a partition. which and how?
mkdir / mount/point
sudo mount -o remount, rw / partition/identify /mount/point

I run SH to enable root:/system/bin/adb_access.sh?
Once the root mode enabled, I put the disk in the box wdmch?

It is also necessary to install adb?
sudo apt-get install adb?

adb connect xxx (xxx) = ip address?

adb shell su

(superuser mode)?

Then I do the tutorial: https://github.com/Entware/Entware/wiki/Install-on-Android ?

UART port present on board, but on Entware i`ll install debian (Jessi), workin good with xrdp.

I agree that this is a POS. I only got this as DLink don’t do NAS anymore just a digital recorder for their camera systems. Basically they have left everyone else high and dry.

Anyway after researching the spec on this looked really good and that you could FTP to it from the cctvs cameras.

However on purchasing from amazon warehouse for a drop down price I now know why it was returned.

At least with the DNS320L you could chose from 30 apps of which 12 are built in. I wanted to use owncloud on here but you can’t do that because I wanted to use it on this machine. The reason for this is you could create a super user who then could set individual accounts for each so that data was only available to the individual and could don’t be seen by other individuals ie so that let’s say adult material ie the art of *** mummy and daddies books can’t be read by minors. I can’t even see if that is possible here. I chose this considering WD had joined up with Owncloud to make the servers available schools with a diy kit. The back up software is useless because you have to pay for them eventually so they are not actually FREE even the 3rd party ones aren’t. My gripe here is that I already have backup software which is paid for Genie 9. I tried as much as I could and could not link the drive to my backup folder on my pc. It should connect to the Z drive same as the previous one. Z doesn’t like can’t find it. What I can find is a public folder which means that the data isn’t not safe from other users on the network or hackers. So not that impressed so far.

A guy here “itsmanslife” actually helped me to put much more usefull software on 3rd party hdd and it’s now way more useful.
You have full access to samba config and entware allows to install packages.
it’s awesome

he even posted howto to reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/9amr8n/recovery_wd_mycloud_home/