Disassembling mycloud home


Hi there,
Is there any way to open mycloud home (single hdd) case?
Thanks in advance.


Hello, und3r,

Well, I would like to inform you that WD® do not recommend you to tear up the drive in a part that will lead to void the warranty of the drive as it is not user serviceable.


Here you go https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/78odjf/shucking_my_pos_wd_my_cloud_home/

POS in that post stands for piece of ■■■■ which this device clearly is.


This item is basically a piece of garbage to me at the moment, given lack of SMB support, where I feel I was totally duped by the marketing material on this product. WD should really draw attention to the fact that this is a major variation from the “My Cloud” brand.

Anyways I’m interested to know if the hard drive inside the 6TB model is a SATA Drive with standard connections, as I’ll just rip it out like I have done with many WD Externals and put it into an actual NAS I have running with a spare slot.


Same, I feel so angry at myself for buying this blindly. I didnt even turn it on, I realised my mistake as soon as I had to create a mycloud account GRRR

I’ve found the reddit post too, but then what?

Is there a way to install a linux server on it to at least, to be able to do something with it?


Do you have any answers after, or solution


I can help you restore your WD Cloud HOME (1 HDD). If you really need, contact me. I have a disk image, with this image this device was started on 1 TB disk.

Also you can put optware on it and then everything you need. ROOT works, adb enables and then install packages. (neater with the mount)


How did you root your box?