Disassembling the WD Cloud Home Single drive 8TB

HI Guys
I need to access a WD Cloud Single drive. The manual says ‘My Cloud Home device is not a user serviceable device. No drives can be added or removed from the device. If it is faulty, it must be returned to WD as a complete unit.’

I took the bottom rubber feet off and found 4 screws, but still no way to take the HDD from enclosure. All the videos in Youtube seems to be for older model. Any guide/video/help?

Edit: Found this video though not in English

MyCloud Home

there are four small clips on the grey section (lower half) that need pressing a little as pulling apart from the white part (upper half)… my snapped when i did it …have to be pretty lucky or skilled to prevent snapping them. they dont functionally do much other then probably tell WD the unit has been open unprofesionally