My cloud homme hd removal?

My MYCLOUD HOME unit is having trouble connecting to home network after having changed the router by the internet operator. From WD they insist that the problem is with the router, and from the operator they are unable to give me a solution. The thing is, I have no chance to access the stored files.
At this point, I would like to ask if it is possible to disassemble the device and remove the hard disk where all my files are and then connect it to an adapter and use it as a “normal” hard disk by connecting it via USB to the computer, thus recovering all the information that I have in it.
If possible, is there a tutorial to be able to do it at home? Thanks a lot.

What brand of computer and operating system are you using?

If Windows 10, have you looked at this?
Get My Cloud to show in Windows 10 File Explorer Network - My Cloud OS 3 Personal Cloud Storage / My Cloud - WD Community

Sure it’s possible … but, to see whatever data is on it, you will need a PC running Linux or a Linux Live CD as the file system will be EXT2/4

Thanks a lot! I understand that after that, Mycloud is connected to PC via USB to be read, isn’t it? Also I have a really old and slow PC, is there a similar solution working for Mac?


Daniel Moreno Guerin.-

My suggestion is to read the User Manual for a My Cloud Home, if that is what you own.

User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

You may want to look at this too. It was found by doing a search of the Knowledge Base.
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