Replace drive in my cloud home single?


I have tried to figure out my self and searched it up on how to replace a drive on the my cloud home single. I am starting to think it is not possible, am I right?

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Gleb K

the single bay is not user serviceable.

So you cannot replace the drive without somehow ripping the thing up?

I am also interested in opening the My Cloud Home box in orderto get the disk to my PC with USB.
Do you have any more answers on how to extract the disk without using a hamer.
Thank for your answers

The MC Home is basically a new design for 2018, why would anyone in his right mind want to change the drive inside? If it has an issue, the Home has a warrantly to get it fixed.

Hello, sorry if my English is poor and if I’m not clear enougth. The solution does not meet my needs. I want a solution for a secodary disk, eventually as a local network disk, but with a fast debit, let say at least the USB debit, not 3M bytes per sec. I do not need to share my data with people, if i have some film or photo to share, i will do it with ordinary media with a good download debit, my home debit is too poor for that.

That’s why i want to extract the disk to put it in USB.

By the way can explain what you mean by in his right mind.

Thanks in advance for your answers,

my cloud home’s disk broken. How can i replace it ?

Unfortunately till someone is not able to create a virgin backup from the original HD, there is no way to replace the drive, i have the same problem from when i had a blackout, they say in short send to WD repair, but i have doubts the warranty is valid in my situation.
I was already extremely disappointed because of not support for FTP, now this problem, there is a way to open, but no way to replace the DRIVE because the virgin image is still missing online, i am still waiting.

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