Truly awful

This product is truly awful. Another ■■■■■■ who bought before reading enough actual customer reviews, not just the tech websites… I am stuck with it as I am unable to sell it locally or on eBay. Seems everyone is smarter than I was.

What I want to know is:

Can I remove the HDD to repurpose in a Synology NAS? I want to be able to format it and use how I see fit, outside of WD’s ridiculous little setup. WD customer support claims not recommended and it won’t work.

Has anyone done it? Cheers for any help!

WD customer support most probably don’t recommend it as it void the warranty and you won’t be able to access your data on it.

At the end of the day … it’s just a hard drive in the enclosure which you can remove and reformat to use however you want.

I’ve disassembled my Gen 1 My Cloud and removed the hard drive to see if i could quickly copy files to it connected directly to my PC motherboard.

It’s a Standard RED WD Hard drive … but Windows 7 prompted me to format it because My Cloud Hard Drives are formatted EXT4 (Linux Format)

If i proceeded to format it … then sure, i could use it just fine on my PC (but lose all my data on the hard drive after the format)

If you decide to do it … make sure you have a backup of all your data.

Hey, cheers for the reply.

Oh yeah, you’re not wrong. I know why they are saying it, I just want to know if I can! I have no data on it, I tried to use it but after hours of pure frustration I gave up and just did a hard reset.

Was the one you disassembled a My Cloud Home? Afaik, MCH and the original My Cloud are quite different products. I would hope that it’s just a bog-standard WD Red inside - I can’t remember where I saw it, but I’m under the impression the drive is kinda locked down with some proprietary bs…? Maybe all that just comes from the os/board inside the enclosure though, and removed, it would perform as any other external hdd.

I Googled … WD My Cloud Home disassembly and found the video below

Once you remove it from the enclosure and remove the interface board … it looks like a bog standard WD Red with bog standard Sata connection and power socket.

video is not in english … but skip to around the 6:10 mark