Using WD My Cloud Home - RED Hard drive - in Desktop

Question 1 - Can i remove/ pull out the WD My cloud home NAS RED Hard drive and use it in my Desktop ??
Question 2 - Use it with other NAS Products ???

I opened my My Cloud (not Cloud Home) … it’s a standard SATA WD Red (would assume My Cloud Home is the same)

so, i cannot see any reason why you can’t use it in your Desktop / another NAS or any device.

the hard drive is formatted EXT4 Linux file system … so you’ll have to format (wipe all data) for use in a Windows Desktop.

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My WD my cloud home is acting up (i.e. DHCP registration, unable to fetch an IP) and with no options to configure or see whats happening inside the box. I am left with no options than to RIP out the hard drive and connect it to my windows system (hoping my data is save).

I read on the internet that i would need a tool Ext2Fsd to read the linux prtition. I hope after i rescue my data i can reset my cloud home and to factory default.

Note: My cloud home is very difficult to troubleshoot except for plus and pray option, multiple restarts, decoding what the light headbeat mean and zero tolerance to config reset without getting your data wiped off.

Hey spawas,

I am currently facing the same predicament you experienced with your my cloud home all of a sudden not functioning at all. I have gone through all the procedures myself and with a WD team member to troubleshoot it. Still not functioning.

Were you successful in removing your hard drive from your my cloud home and connecting it directly to your computer in order to retrieve the files stored on the drive? Thanks in advance.