Bye Bye My Cloud Home

After struggling for about 2 months with Downloading content, Exporting data to external USB, Creating custom Plex folders, I finally decided to trash the device. It took 3 days to copy 1.5 TB data that I had put on the device as It does not allow export to external drive via USB.

I am going to break open the shitty device and use the disk inside. I hope more people don’t get conned like I was.


My Cloud Home can import the data from the USB device only. For more information, you can refer the link mentioned below to know the limitations of USB Backup:

Have you tried to copy from Home using your File Explorer or Finder to a drive connected to your computer?

Yes I have. You can understand how long it will take to copy 1.5 TB data.

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Have you break that shitty? I am going to break it to reuse the disk inside and buy a new Synology NAS :3

Here is the trash! except for the drive tho.


Hey, OP. Did this drive work in your Synology NAS? I’m in the same boat, frustrated with this POS. About to rip it open for the drive.

Yes it did. Atleast the junk was of some use after all!

This encourage me to do the same for my QNAP TS-228. Can this disk be reformatted? can it be done in windows 10 system? Thanks.

I didn’t try on a windows OS. I don’t see a reason why it should not format the disk. All the best!

Ok, I will give it a try, thanks.

I agree completely. Thank goodness I didn’t pay full retail price. I cut my losses by removing the 4TB sata drive and putting it in another computer. What an ill-conceived and badly performing product!

I’m trying to fill some gaps here…
ust in case I’ll do the same and put the disk in another NAS system, I won’t be able to back up the 6tb MCH disk.
So, is there an option to put the disk in another NAS and copy the disk BEFORE formatting?
Which more options do I have?

I have been tying to reliably copy folders to this f’ing ■■■■ box.

BTW there is no way to find and remove logins to this box. no record of invites…

AND who doesn’t think there is a backdoor login by some ■■■■■■■ programmer

nice to see these asshats hiding vulgar language whilst S(rewing Us blind B4STARDS

Hi @ drtechno, i fed up from this nasty device, My MCH stop working and i want my data to be recovered. Please please help me out to get my data back.

I broke the device and and took the NAS drive out but i am unable to access it as it is not reading .

Which cable and software i required

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Great to see this done…
Sadly for me I was living with this trash for over 2 years as mine was 12TB duo model and I always dreaded the time I have to move over 8TB of data out of it… + having enough spare drives to store it.

Must be worst piece of tech I ever owned… My plan is the same - take this ****** apparat and just use 2 perfectly serviceable 6TB drives either internally or in decent NAS.

You can’t do this - WD formatted these drives in proprietary KDDFS format which is not supported by anyone outside of WD as far as I know.

So the only way to get the data out is to connect it back to the enclosure it came with. I guess theoretically some data restoration apps could restore individual files, but it will take forever… + I don’t know any application which supports recover from KDDFS. I guess only other option is to get spare MCH enclosure which works move drive there and recover data that way. Although, this is still risky if you have duo (model with 2 drives) and you had RAID on it… RAID info will be stored on your faulty enclosure (I assume it is faulty because you said “stopped working”), so moving drives to another drive would not move the RAID. If you have single drive model it may just work.

Isn’t it ironic, that these drives are mean as “safe” back-up storage, but if anything goes wrong with them it is almost impossible to recover data from them with exception of paying extortionate amounts to specialists… and I mean even in cases where drive themselves are fine! If you have duo model and RAID fails you data is pretty much lost as there is no way that I know to restore KDDFS RAID… it is not like you can just connect it to any raid cards and repair the config…

Begs the questions what is even the point of duo drives…

Worst Product Ever!!!
My Cloud Home went Offline doesnt start anymore!
Connected to power stays a bit warm but no disk rotation.
Custumer Support says it needs to be replaced. But my data will all be lost!! Shamefull a company doing this!
I feel bad so many complaints here about the same.
We should organize a group complaint go consumer court and get our money back!
Shamefull Company!!

I have been using My Cloud Home gen 2 since 5 years ago. I bought a “refurbished” version in Amazon. Since then, I have had no remarkable problems. It’s true at beginning, it seems me that copy files to this NAS was slow, but one year later, when I put a Gigabit router, speed changed drastically, so my slow speed was related with my LAN, not with my WD NAS.

Really I can’t understand why so many haters of these product.
Based on my experience with it (it is the only one I have used so far) I would buy this product again and recommend it.

What’s more, I was very surprised that WD included my device (which is over 4 years old) among the products whose firmware has been updated. “Five stars” for WD support. As a user, I don’t feel “forgotten” (unlike with smartphones, whose manufacturers usually stop updating Android after 3 years).

That’s my opinion.