Bye Bye My Cloud Home


After struggling for about 2 months with Downloading content, Exporting data to external USB, Creating custom Plex folders, I finally decided to trash the device. It took 3 days to copy 1.5 TB data that I had put on the device as It does not allow export to external drive via USB.

I am going to break open the shitty device and use the disk inside. I hope more people don’t get conned like I was.


My Cloud Home can import the data from the USB device only. For more information, you can refer the link mentioned below to know the limitations of USB Backup:


Have you tried to copy from Home using your File Explorer or Finder to a drive connected to your computer?


Yes I have. You can understand how long it will take to copy 1.5 TB data.


Have you break that shitty? I am going to break it to reuse the disk inside and buy a new Synology NAS :3


Here is the trash! except for the drive tho.


Hey, OP. Did this drive work in your Synology NAS? I’m in the same boat, frustrated with this POS. About to rip it open for the drive.


Yes it did. Atleast the junk was of some use after all!