WD 3 TB My Cloud to WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

So simple question: Can I take the HD out of my WD 3 TB My Cloud and put it inside my WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra?

I think it would be better if you ask your question on the MyCloud EX2 forum.

This is for the single drive mycloud.

Your question as the previous poster indicated is probably best asked in the dedicated EX2 support subforum.

Can you remove the WD My Cloud hard drive and use it elsewhere? Yes. But you will, in all likelihood have to repartition and reformat the drive (causing total loss of all data on the drive) in order to use it in a EX2 Ultra or other NAS device that isn’t the exact same generation version as the single bay My Cloud the drive came from.

Since it’s a SATA drive, you probably can re-use the MyCloud drive in an EX2 Ultra. (The EX2 Ultra specification doesn’t mention the HDD interface type, but it’s almost certainly SATA. Good data sheet, isn’t it…?)

But I’d suggest that you DO NOT expect to be able to access the data; you’re plugging it into a RAID system of some sort, and it will probably try to reconstruct the RAID structure, or format the disk, depending on the RAID configuration.

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