My Cloud Home 8 TB - single drive. WD Red inside?


I would like to use the hard drive of my my cloud for a synology nas. But I am not sure which drive really is in this device. I found out, that the drive has the name: WDBVXC0080HWT-EESN . But its only used for the my cloud.

So, has someone information what kind of hard drive is inside?
Does WD uses maybe blue or green for the my clouds?

thanks :slight_smile:

My 4TB drive was RED

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ok. it is red. all fine. thx

What did you do with the old housing?

its trash. i damaged it during getting the drive out of it. but its also trash when im reading all the bad amazon ratings…

That’s a shame I found an easy way of adding a 1TB disk to it and using it as an offline drive accessible via Ethernet. I’ll use it for backups of hard disks.

Nice job. We all should do tge same with this useless device.

Could you share how you did that? (entware method?)

The only method I know was this (update see below)

This has worked for me with a seagate disk, it just means I can use the housing really, the disk is in a mycloud PR2100 now

Actually on second read it says it has entware built in, but I dunno how to use that. Mine has a 1TB Seagate disk in it

I achieved this on windows with the HD in a USB caddy then dumped it into the WD case.

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