New 8TB MyCloud - which HDD is inside (WD80EZZX)

Hi there!

So I just bought the ne 8TB Mycloud solution. Since I am curious what HDD is inside I checked it:

It is the WD80EZZX. Any idea which product class (WD Red / Green / Blue / ???) it is?
I thought to get the WD Red (as usual for the Mycloud drives) but WD changed something.

The only HDD I find is the WD80EFZX which seems to be the WD Red HDD.
So whats inside? New labeled HGST (due to the HelioSeal technology)?

Hope you can help!

Should be WD80EFZX - it’s the 8 TB WD Red. Where have you seen this EZZX ?

It is written / printed on the label (for testing purposes I opened the mycloud case)
I found someone doing tests on exactly this hdd:

“These are clearly Ultrastar He8 (Bulk Data Encryption (BDE) model) Motor lowered to 5400 rpm TLER Set to off (Can Turn on) Firmware is fully HGST and is just WD in name”
This would be great …!

Hi @merlim

I’ve got the answer what happened. Your My Cloud is one of the very first untis that was produced, therefore the drive inside has this white label (as there was no other label available a this time).

Next is: your My Cloud is the Single drive version where active TLER would be a malus, not a benefit.
Therefore this drive in the Single Bay My Cloud correctly does not support this feature.
If an error would happen and TLER would be active, then it would cause more problems than help in any single drive environment. TLER is a feature needed for Multi-Bay units and at least RAID 1 configurations.

Hi Joerg_A,

thank you for the news.
Can you specify which HD class the EZZX is supposed to be (Red, Purple, Blue)?

this special drive would be higher than a WD Black reagrding performance but not rotation speed. WD Black would be 7,200 rpm but the HelioSeal are 5,400 rpm. Again, with higher performance.

The WD Red 8 TB now has WD80EFRZ naming.

Hi all,

fyi: the WD80EZZX with white Label in e.g. the MyCloud 8TB is NOT a WD Red (that are WD80EFZX). The german NAS-Support told me yesterday, that it is a WD Green (what is going to become the WD Blue series).
WD Red HDDs are only build into the NAS-boxes, that are intended to be opened by the user (e.g. MyCloud Mirror), but not in the single drive boxes.


Some of the single bay My Cloud units are using Red drives. The 4TB single bay My Cloud (gen 1) that I use had a Red drive. The real way to find out what type of drive one’s My Cloud is using if one doesn’t want to open up the My Cloud enclosure is to run the following command from the SSH command line then perform an internet search based on the drive model name/info.

hdparm -i /dev/sda1

You may be right, that some or all Gen1 singlebay My Clouds were equipped with WD Red HDDs. My info belongs to the Gen2 singlebay My Clouds - and i couldn`t find a reseller who still offers new Gen1 My Clouds…


[quote=“JanN, post:9, topic:154922, full:true”]
My info belongs to the Gen2 singlebay My Clouds[/quote]
Access your Gen2 My Cloud via SSH and issue the following command: hdparm -i /dev/sda1

That will tell you the model name of the hard drive used in your Gen 2 My Cloud. From there you can search the internet to find out if its a WD Red drive or not. I wouldn’t rely on the claims of some entry level WD support person to know anything more than the prepared script they generally use to help people.

What is the difference between the RED WD80EFRZ and the WD80EZZX please?