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I have a really wierd problem. My WD MyCloud is going offline whenever I turn off one specific PC on the network. This is no happening when I just disable my ethernet adapter on that PC. I’ve setup static address for WD MyCloud, and route, ifconfig, and /var/log entries were not showing anything unusual. There was only a notification that that PC is taking over to be a local samba master, by I’ve increased priority in samba.cnf and the message is now gone, but the problem is still appearing.

Just to let you know, entire system goes down - SSH, HTTP and filesharing - I can’t telnet to the device after I shutdown PC. I can connect again once I turn on my PC again.

tracert on other machines did not show that any trafic is going via my PC - it goes directly over the router to the WD My Cloud.

I’ve tried system reset on the WD my cloud without any luck.

I suspect some event on Samba is being triggered when my windows machine is turned on/off (rember - just pulling it out of the network is not changing anything, it has to be a shutdown), but I don’t know how to proceed.

I also was so desperate that I’ve turned off disk spin-off in the UI, but still happening.

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When did this issue start to happen? Was it also the same behavior on an older firmware revision?

tcpdump indicates that last message received from my PC was sent to broadcast and it’s Host Announcement message. After that, no HTTP traffic has been recorded (only ARP, SSDP) and then my PC goes online, does ARP & DHCP, NB name queries, etc and HTTP is at that point again accessible

 When did this issue start to happen? Was it also the same behavior on an older firmware revision?

I have this box for a few weeks now. It was happening since I had it (as my wife reports).

Is your My Cloud plugged into your router switch as shown on P.9 of the User Manual?

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Yes, it is.

netstat -c indicates that apache and sshd are still listening on the given ports even after I turn off my PC. However, telnet is not responding on these ports. Let me try to turn off this PC and restart router and check if the device is back online. 

What are the lights on your My Cloud showing when you shut down the computer? Is the light on the front still blue, are the lights on the rear still on, and what does your router show for the connection to your My Cloud?

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Yehah, the lights were blue, the lights on the rear were still off. I don’t remember what was my router showing, unfortunatelly - but I suspect nothing - read further:

Good news is that I’ve track it down - it was the ifplugd daemon which was turning off network interface down whenever I would shut down my PC. I’ll restart ifplugd now and I’ll watch the output of ifconfig eth0 to confirm this.

Nope, it wasn’t that. It turned out that you need to close all sessions (ssh and/or http) on all computers and you’ll not be able to reconnect until I turn on a specific PC.

The interface is still on when I losse connectivity (confirmed with ifconfig, and I just remembered that I was inspecting tcp dump after lossing connectivity and interface was working).

My router is **bleep**ty TLWR841N and I can’t find the table of connected clients in the **bleep**ty interface.

The PC in question has Windows 8 and it’s on DHCP. MyCloud is on Static IP (it doesn’t matter if it is on DHCP).

The LED on the back is steady yellow and at front steady blue. Even if I turn off/on network cable

Thank you all for your help, but at this point I’ll give up. I’ve spent 5 hours of Sunday, and I’m not willing to spend another minute on this. I’ll just order a proper box from some other manufacturer (which I should do at the beggining, judging by the internet comments, but I wanted to save 100 euros).

So this shows, Cable is plugged in, and both ends of the link have successfully established communications. Network negotiated at 100 Mbps.

Since the back top light is not blinking that shows no activity.

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