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I thought WD made good products but it seems WD has gone MS with documentation. Either It’s War and Piece or nada. With 30+ years in the electrical biz I’ve yet to find a tech writer that could explain an issue in user speak. It’s like, I know it, you don’t, and I will create my own set of cryptic buzz words to further obscure the issue.

And of late we generate “Community” blogs filled with equally ignorant folk and while away the days with “try this or try that”.

Either you sell a product fully documented or tell me it’s going to cost me to get train on WD detail. Who about it.

@Vinny_GoomBatz - I’m so sorry you’re having trouble finding information on your product. Is there any information you are looking for specifically? I’d be happy to explain anything to you in more depth if you are having trouble following something.

If you are just setting your EX4 up for the first time we have a novice-friendly article specific to setting up the unit. I’ve linked to it below.

Once this is complete, let us know what you are trying to use the EX4 for (backup? storage?) and we can go from there.

Thanks for the offer but my issue is with multiple win 10 machines operating with multiple users and administrators. The My Cloud for windows gets confused as the same Hotmail account is used for all administrators. I need technical doc. on my cloud for win 10. It seems someone set this for single user only and there is no detailed doc on how this SW connects. Actually there’s no administrative doc at all and scant user doc.