Customer Support

I had a relative smooth experience with the the product replacement offer earlier this year upgrading to an EX2. Within a week one of the drives failed (it started beeping and then failed, which appears to be a known issue). I’ve been trying to get it replaced for over a month now and I’ve zero contact from customer support for two weeks. The last contact was asking for a photo of the drive which I’d already supplied. I got through to live chat a week ago who told me there was an issue in the RMA support department and I needed to be patient. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m on the cusp of asking for a full refund and sending the whole unit back and buying a different product from a different company.

We are sorry to hear about your experience, We request you kindly open a support ticket at ( and our customer support will reach out to you via email.


I’ve done that. That’s the point. Nothing is happening. Evan in your support team has now promised to get back to me by end of day tomorrow. If not I’d like a full refund and I’ll return the unit. This isn’t good enough I’m afraid.

They’ve had my NAS drive since mid Aug. Opening a service ticket (which I have done) will only get you lip service, not results. Good luck.