Ups & Downs of WD

I was not sure if this post should go here in the EX4 since its the unit in question, or in the off topic area since its not really about any one specific problem. 

i have to say that the customer service side at WD is one of the best I have ever seen. Last night I received a call from an individual in WD’s management about the issues that many of us have voiced our opinions about. While he was nice enough to offfer a full refund of the product I could not take it because I dont have anywhere to put the 8tb of data already on the device. Plus I just did not want to buy an 8TB external drive just for this purpose

While the management side/customer service side is great the software / engineering side is not. I voiced my opinion that it should NOT have taken months to fix issues like the 500 user error to the user not authorized 4000 error. As usual there was the same line that is always given in regard to they know nothing about when a new firmware would be released. 

I wanted to post this to show that while I might voice some strong negative feeling about the entire MyCloud lineup because it is riddled with issues I do respect the majority of the teams at WD because of phone calls like this. 

Now if only the engineering team could get their head in the game to get the problems fixed, and new features added to the server, 

Nice to hear of this…