EX4 for a Newbie

Okay just got the 16TB EX4 last week and to say it has been a smooth setup would be a lie.

I have been on tech support twice and they resolved the issues, so I give them a thumbs up for that.

My EX4 wouldn’t allow me to log into the dashboard. After a couple hours of tinkering with it, I called and tech support said you have to use Chrome not IE. Sure enough that worked. So keep that in mind if you are having that problem.

I spent probably 3 hours yesterday trying to set up the remote access only to call and find out that it was a WD issue and not something on my end. So that didn’t make me feel like a complete ■■■■■…

My couple quick questions are, I am using this device purely to store and backup home videos and pictures. So it is not something that needs to be on 24/7, I have it in standby mode, but since there may be weeks at a time that I don’t use it, can I power it down? I know the cold starts are harder on the drives, but it just seems like a waste to have it on 24/7.

Second is there a more comprehensive user guide out there. I mean “WDEX4 for Dummies” type guide. I downloaded the user manual, but I am not a server expert and it just seems like a lot of the info in the guide assumes the user has some server experience. It also would be nice to have it explain what I can do with 3rd party apps to make this unit even more useful.

If you want to PM me I can answer the majority of your questions. I have spent a lot of time on the phone with level 2 support getting the most out of the EX4 for business use and media usage.