Problems with set up and use of Ex4

I purchased an Ex4 late last week in order to access files through any of 4 computers and to maintain back-ups of our files.  Most of my files and folders are relatively small, with one exception.  A have a very large folder (with many subfolders), currently holding, 603 Gb of photo files, for our photos during the past 14 years.  After much effort I concluded that I should connect our WD 2TB MyBook via USB3  to one of the USB3 ports at the back of the EX4, thinking (possibly in error) that such a direct connection would give me a way to download this folder and its files fairly rapidly since I thought that I was going directly into the EX4.  Ten minutes later it said that the download was 96% complete and I was hopeful.  17 hours later it was still 96% complete and I could find no way to determine what was actually happening.  Finally, because the system appeared to lock up, I had to shut off the computer and then I could not access the dash board until I rebooted also rebooted the EX4.  Since I had loaded a number of files on the drives, I reformatted all in the JBOD mode which I thought might be the simplest until I learn what I doing.  I have not found a way to find out exactly to see what is stored on each of the EX4 drives, and when I attempt to do Properties for some of the larger folders it seems to take forever to get a response.

Can anyone provide assistance for getting started in a more efficient manner?  Previously I was using multiple 1TB drives and using an inexpensive cloning program to make multiple backups of important files.  I thought that the EX4 might be simpler, more reliable, and faster, and permit access by all of our computers. It is nicely packaged, permits access on my network, but so far it is very slow, and difficult to learn.  On line help has only answered some questions. I am certainly willing  to learn after spending $900.00 for the 12 TB version. 

My OS is Windows 7 (2 computers) and Windows 8.1 (2 Computers).


I’m sure other people will suggest better options but did you check if the dashboard was showing CPU and/or memory under stress while the copy was going on?

You may want to check the running processes and see which process(s) seems to be taking the resources to have such a lockup.

Are you able to get to the dashboard from a computer while the copy is going on?