Creation of second drive share on second volume fails

For some reason, I am unable to create new shares on my second volume (I am set up for Raid 1).  If I try to create a new one on volume 2, it acts like it is creating it, it shows up in the list of shares, but the share is not created.  No errors popup, but the volume drop down list box changes from volume 2 to blank.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

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How many drives do you have on the unit?

What firmware are you running on the drive?

4 drives, 2 tb each.  latest firmware.  I had previously created a share on volume 2 without an issue.  but for some reason, I cannot create another one.

I’m just setting mine up. And I have the same problem. I can’t set tup a shared folder on my second volume… 

In my case, I was able to create one and one only.


I have the same problem, no share on Volumn 2

Ticket by the WD hotline is open, he will test tjhe constellation

Hello guys, this issue is under investigation.

Hi, I have a very similar problem. I have two RAID 1 volumes Volume_1 and Volume_2. Volume_1 is 2x 4TB RED NAS Drives, while Volume_2 is 2x 3TB RED NAS Drives. The Share just dissapears if you Click on anoter Menu Item and then back to Shares.

I replaced the 3TB drives with 4TB drives and all was fine again. So doing many things, I ended up with re formatting the 3TB Drives many times (Through the Utilities Menu) and also when creating the RAID 1 Volume_2 again it did another  Format.

Summary: If the two Volumes are each made up with 2x 4TB Drives all is OK But if you have 2x 4TB Drives and 2x 3TB Drives, you get the issue.

I have opened a Case with WD Support and as yet no info after passing them my results. Looks like this issue has been around for a while. I not sure what the case is if you use different sized volumes to the ones I did my testing on. Best of luck!

You can create shares on those volumes if you Shutdown  and remove the Disks for Volume_1 and power backup. You will have the Volume created earlier as Volume_1 (even though it uses Bays 3 & 4) and you can creat Shares to your hearts content. Once done Shutdown again, reinsert the Drives in Bays 1 & 2 and power back up. You will now have the shares that you wanted. However, you still cannot create any shares on Volume_2 as in my case.

Just a quick update to my last post.

WD just closed the case that I had opened with no explanations after they received my report of my findings. This is just not on!

I stil have the problem; either I use my work around, or use my spare 4TB RED NAS drives, I need these drives for another Project. So looks as though each time I need a new Share on Volume_2, I will need to do all this mucking around!