4 disks two volumes

Sorry if it sounds too basic, but I am stuck. I had 2x 4TB disks on my ex4 and ran out of room so I bought 2x 6TB extra disks. Backed up everything and reinstalled disks from scratch (RAID1). What happens now is that I have 2 volumes. The 4TB disks were named Volume 1 and automatically created a “public” share that is seen by my TV, ipad and other devices. The 6TB disks have been assigned as volume 2 and have a “public_2” share that is seen by my media player BUT NOT by anyone else (smart TV, iPad, etc). I’ve tried everything but the TV can’t see the “volume 2” at all (including the public_2" share where I have my movies.

Any solution?
I am open to re-installing all the disks to create one single volume but I’m not sure if the fact that they are different sizes will allow me to do it in RAID1.


Hi Jimmy_Botella,

You should contact WD Support for such an issue. To contact WD support, you can refer to the links mentioned below.