Consistently access my NAS in my LAN

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I’ve been having issues with reliably connecting to my NAS within my local network.
I’ve tried several of the options online such as disabling ipv6, using ipv4. In the Advanced TCP/ IP settings changing the NetBIOS setting from default to Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

Yet although some of these did work, I’m not sure what now and none are consistent… The actual NAS where I can manage folders etc somes days show and some days doesn’t I have to restart my machine or sometimes it just doesn’t work as it should.

Right now I have it as displayed in the screenshot where I cannot access some files I would like for work… Nothing major, just something to refresh my mind, but I simply cannot do it because it is not finding the NAS as it should.

Could someone assist me to have this properly setup to reliably work?

My network is nothing special.
Netgear - Nighthawk Router R700
MyCloudEX2Ultra 16tb
Thinkpad P51 and docking station (LAN wire) / Use wireless as well to access LAN when not on dock.
Ipads (fully setup with mycloud accesses and profiles)
Macbook Pro 2015 - wireless access (This actually has the best consistency in accessing the folders, when it stopped working all I have to do is restart Finder in MacOS and the it all works)

So why is it that I can’t get it to work as smoothly in Windows10?

How should I troubleshoot this to find and eliminate the problem as opposed to guess work that works every now and then.

Thank you for your time and assistance.
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the only thing i can think that you haven’t mentioned (so i don’t know if you have done it)

give you MyCloudEX2Ultra a Static IP Address … usually in the Advanced Settings of your Router under Network > Lan Settings > Address Reservation

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Having mycloud’s show up in the “network” section of file explorer has always been hit or miss in my mind. I have been fighting this for a few years, as I have multiple WD mycloud devices and multiple computers.

I think it has something to do with how the SMB protocols work. . .

. . . but I have given up. Tried all the solutions. . . nothing works.
. . . I have all the myclouds on fixed IP addresses; and I access directly from address bar using either the “friendly name” or the IP address. This access method never fails (for me)

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I’ve never done this, could you please refer to a simple tutorial or just point out how to do this please?

to setup a Static IP … consult your Routers User Manual

Different brands have different features … i can setup Static IP’s on my TP-Link Router like NAS_user can, but it doesn’t allow me to change the label or name of the IP Address (it remains the default “WDMyCloud” )

This is a Windows 10 issue. It never occurred with Windows 7. I’ve found the only way to get around it is to set a static or reserved IP address for the NAS and then map the drive. You’ll get a “drive not available” error every time you boot up the computer (another Windows 10 issue) but just click on the drive and it will connect.

Thank you for your reply.
How should I do that, I’ve never done anything like that. Any reliable reference or documentation?

All routers are different. Look at your router manual to see how to set up a reserved address. Then go into windows explorer (“This PC”) and at the top, you will see “Map Network Drive”. Follow the instruction and for Folder, enter \WDMYCLOUD\PUBLIC (or whatever your mycloud is eg \wdmycloudex2\public). That should do it.

That worked perfectly! Ty!

If I recall correctly; The “name of the IP address” is done from the MyCloud dashboard. Can’t remember exactly where. . . .but I have “friendly names” for each device.

To be honest. . . I think I am also setting the ip address from the dashboard as well.
The key to doing that is to ensure that the IP addresses for the WD stuff is outside the “IP pool” of the router. (i.e. router pool is set (in the router) to use 0 to 100. The NAS boxes are assigned numbers like 111,112 etc.)

oops … yes, you’re right … under Settings > General > Device Profile

i’ve never bothered to change the name since WDMyCloud is a pretty apt description for the device on my LAN