Unable to setup my NAS from mycloud.com/setup

just bought and received my EX2 NAS Server…I connected it over ethernet to my ADSLbox/router (Freebox cristal, in France)

On my Laptop, using the windows explorer, I can see my 2 systems : my laptop and my NAS WDMYCLOUDEX2,

but, lauching http://www.mycloud.com/setup, from a browser on my laptop, the setup can’t detect my NAS server. even though, I type in its Mac adress…

I’ve disabled the windows firewall and my antivirus (avast), but I still have the problem

Thanks for your help


Hello there,

Are you able to see the device under network on Windows Explorer?

Hi ArMak,

2 days ago, I was able to see the device, I gave it a fixed IP address (, the first IP address from the range 10-50)

sometimes, I don’t… this morning I didn’t.

I just assigned another fixed IP address (, rebooted my ADSL box/routeur , and my NAS… and I now see it again

I guess that it’s some kind of DHCP IP address conflict. Do you recommend to assign the NAS a fixed IP address ?


Well, I normally do put a fixed IP on the NAS drives, since I access it a lot either to copy files or stream from it, this way it will always be on the same address.

I’m moving forward.

I’ve set as fixed IP some IP in the middle of the range (10-50)… I choose … and I was able to setup mcp2_windows_setup.exe.

now it requires me to add internal disks. are they mandatory ? I had to external USB drives…



Hi All,

everything is now fine and working :slight_smile:
When I ordered my Cloud EX2, i thought that I could use to external disk that I already had… so I tried to set it up without any internal disks… and it did’nt work.

So I ordered (and received today) 2 internal red disks… and everything went fine… my DHCP IP address is a fixed one.

Thanks again for your support